Attendance activity

Attendance activity is designed to record student attendance using E-Learning platform. You can have multiple class sessions in the Attendance activity, each corresponding to a lecture or seminar where you wish to take an attendance.

Students can record (mark) attendance themselves or faculty can record attendance for the entire class. If students self-record their attendance, restrictions can be added to provide more accurate results.

Adding an Attendance activity

Attendance activity can be added to a course page in the same way as any other activity:

  • Click on Edit mode toggle at the top right

  • Click Add an activity or resource

  • Select Attendance

  • Click on Save and return to course at the bottom of the page

Note that you only need to add a single Attendance activity in the course.

Adding class sessions

Class sessions lets you specify individual classes or seminars for which you wish to record the attendance.

To add class sessions:

  • Open the Attendance activity and click the Add session tab

  • Specify Date and Time for the session

  • Optionally check Repeat the session above as follows option if you wish to create multiple class sessions at once

  • Click Add at the bottom of the page

Adding restrictions for attendance recording

By default students can record their own attendance for any class session that is open at the time.

Recording of attendance in class sessions can be restricted to provide more accurate results:

  • Each class session can have a unique password. Faculty displays this password to students in class to allow them to mark themselves as present.
    To use this option, when adding a class session, type in the password in the password field or check Random password.

  • Optionally attendance self-recording can be disabled completely. In this case faculty will need to record the attendance for the class sessions manually. To use this option, when adding a class session, uncheck Allow students to record own attendance.