Zoom account

SSE Riga provides licensed Zoom accounts for its Staff and Faculty.

If you do not have an SSE Riga Zoom account, contact SSE Riga IT Department at itdep@sseriga.edu.

Creating a meeting

To create a meeting, lecture, seminar etc. in Zoom:

  • Go to Zoom website - sseriga-edu.zoom.us or zoom.us

  • Sign in using your SSE Riga e-mail address

  • In left-hand menu select Meetings - Schedule a Meeting

  • In Topic enter a descriptive title for your meeting

  • Select the Date, Time and Duration
    Note: if you start earlier or end later than the time you have selected, the meeting will not be interrupted

  • Click Save to finish the setup and create your meeting. Or select additional features (see below) if needed

After creating the meeting, you will have access to an Invite Link which should be sent to meeting participants. If you are organizing a lecture, it is a good idea to publish this link on your course page on E-Learning platform, as well as in the lecture schedule.

Additional features when creating a meeting:

  • Waiting Room: Allows you to manually admit participants to a meeting or to set up before admitting students to the lecture.
    Note: You can disable the Waiting Room at lecture start under Security settings to automatically admit all further students for that lecture.
    More info: Zoom help article on Waiting Rooms

  • Video: Sets host/participant webcams on or off by default. If you select On, the webcams of the participants will be launched automatically when they join the meeting.

  • Automatically record meeting: Meeting recording will start automatically once first person joins and will continue until meeting is ended by host.

  • Polls: Create a poll that you will be able to sue during the specific meeting.
    More info: Zoom help article on Polls

  • Require authentication to join: Requires participants to sign in to a Zoom account before joining the meeting.

  • Breakout Room pre-assign: If you plan on suing Breakout Rooms during your lectures, you can set up the necessary groups in advance. Using Registration is advised so that students would join lectures using the intended e-mail addresses.
    More info: Zoom help article on Breakout Rooms

Starting a meeting

To start a Zoom meeting:

  • Connect to your meeting Invite Link. Log in with your SSE Riga e-mail address if needed

  • Zoom application will launch. If this is your first Zoom meeting, a short installation process will happen automatically

  • Click Join with Computer Audio to connect to the meeting

  • You are now connected to your Zoom meeting.

During a meeting

When starting a Zoom meeting, meeting controls will appear in a bar at the bottom of the Zoom window. As meeting organizer you will have certain features available.

  • Mute/Unmute: This allows you to mute or unmute your microphone.
    Click ^ next to Mute/Unmute to access audio controls. The audio controls allow you to change the microphone and speaker that Zoom is currently using on your computer, test your microphone and speaker, and access the full audio options in the Zoom settings.

  • Start/Stop Video: This allows you to start or stop your own video.
    Click ^ next to Start/Stop Video to access video controls. If you have multiple cameras on your computer, you can select which Zoom is using, access the full video controls, and select a Virtual Background.

  • Security: Enable/disable Waiting Room, and access in-meeting security options.
    Note: You can disable the Waiting Room at lecture start to automatically admit all further students for that lecture.

  • Participants: Opens the window to manage participants.

  • Chat: Access the chat window to chat with the participants.

  • Share Screen: Start sharing your screen.
    You will be able to select the desktop or application you want to share. When you are screen sharing, the controls will appear at the top of your screen, but you can drag it to another location.

  • Record: Start or stop a cloud or local recording.

  • Breakout Rooms: Start breakout rooms.

  • End: Display the following two options:

  • End Meeting for All: End the meeting for yourself and all participants.

  • Leave Meeting: Leave the meeting. You will be prompted to assign a host so that the meeting can continue.

More info: Zoom help article on Meeting Controls

Recording meetings

To record and (optionally) publish Zoom meetings:

  • Set up meeting recording by either enabling Automatically record meeting when setting up the meeting or click Record during meeting

  • It is recommended to record meetings to Zoom cloud

  • After meeting is ended, your meeting recording will become available in Zoom website, Recordings section

NOTE: Zoom Cloud recordings will be automatically deleted after 180 days
To save and publish your Zoom recordings for longer time periods, download your cloud recording video/audio/transcript files, save them in a Google Drive folder and share them with your students from Google Drive

More info: Zoom help article on Cloud Recordings

Zoom Virtual Background

To set up or change your Zoom Virtual Background image follow this Zoom Article on Virtual Backgrounds.

All SSE Riga Zoom accounts have several SSE Riga themed virtual backgrounds available by default.

In case you need to set up a virtual background manually, you can find SSE Riga themed virtual backgrounds here.