SSE Riga offers printing at school premises using your SSE Riga account.

You can print from your device or public access computers at the SSE Riga Self-Service Printer or at the SSE Riga Library.

Print jobs are paid by printing credits associated with your SSE Riga account.

At you can check your account balance and recent print jobs.

Print from your device - Self-Service Printing

Self-Service Printing allows you to print documents from your device (laptop or phone) at the following printers:

To set up Self-Service Printing on your device:

To send a document to print from your device:



Electric stapler

Next to the Self-Service Printer you will find an electric stapler.

Printing credits

Your SSE Riga account has printing credits assigned to it to pay for your printing jobs.

Printing credits are limited and are added at the start of each semester. All SSE Riga students receive 2.50 credits (equivalent to 250 printed pages) at the start of each semester. Unused credits are carried over to the next semester up to a maximum of 10.00 credits (equivalent to 1000 printed pages).

Printing and scanning in SSE Riga Library

SSE Riga Library has a multifunctional color printer. This printer is accessible from from your own devices (see Self-Service Printing section above) as well as from the computers in Library hallway.

Printing can be done in black-and-white as well as in color. Make sure you select the correct printer - SSE Riga Library Black&White or SSE Riga Library Color

    Note: Black-and-white printing at Library costs 0.02 credits per page. Print at the SSE Riga Self-Service printer whenever possible.

Scanning can be done using multifunctional color printer or a flatbed scanner. Scanned documents can be saved to USB, sent via email or saved to Library hallway computers and processed further. Ask a librarian for help if needed!

To print from Library hallway computers:

To confirm your print job enter: