For students

There are two ways you can check your grades in E-Learning Platform. First, you can visit the course page to check your grades for all of your assignments in that course. Second, you can visit your profile page to see an overview of your grades in all of the courses you are enrolled in.

To view grades for all activities in a single course

  • Go to a course page

  • At the top of the course page click Grades

  • You will see a table with all of your course assignments and grades you got for each assignment

To see an overview of your final grades for all courses

  • Click on your profile icon at the top right. Then click Grades

  • You will see a list of all your courses and final grades you received in each course

  • If you click on a course name you will be taken to the Grades page for that course

For teachers and TAs

Grading an assignment by downloading files submitted by students

  • Open the assignment you want to grade

  • Click on View all submissions

  • Go to the bottom of the page to the Options section

  • To download all student submissions and put each student submission into a separate folder, check Download submissions in folders

  • To grade student assignments directly into the table check Quick grading

Note: If necessary you can show all enrolled students by selecting No filter next to Filter.

  • After selecting necessary options, go back to the top of the page

  • Next to Grading action select Download all submissions. This will download student submissions to your device according to the options you set previously

  • If you checked Quick grading you can mark student submissions and provide feedback directly in the table

  • In Quick grading, after you graded student submissions, click on Save all quick grading changes below the table to save the grades

Note: To start grading without immediately notifying students, hide activity before grading. Students receive an email that their submission has been graded once activity is un-hidden. Alternatively, you can use Grading Workflows for more versatile options.

Grading in Grader report

  • At the top of the course page click Grades

  • A new page Grader report will open. Here you will see a table with all enrolled students and all course assignments

  • Click on Edit mode toggle at the top right

  • To grade student submissions simply enter the mark in the box with solid line or comment in the box with dashed line

  • When grading is finished, turn off Edit mode at the top right

Note: Students won't be notified about changes made in the Grader report.

Note: If you make changes in the Grader report, they will be highlighted to show you the grades which have been changed manually. Feedback written in the Grader report won't be visible in assignment activity for both students and teachers/TAs.

Note: If you override grades in Grader report, you cannot change them in assignments activity. But if you override feedback in the Grader report, it won't be visible in assignments activity for both students and teachers/TAs.