Getting Started for Students

SSE Riga account

When starting your studies at SSE Riga you will be given an SSE Riga account username and password that you will use for SSE Riga IT systems – e-mail, E-Learning, printing, Office365 account and more.

Your SSE Riga account username is NSurname, where

Your SSE Riga e-mail address is:, where

    For more information about your SSE Riga e-mail, visit How To - E-mail.

For all SSE Riga IT systems, you will always have the same password. You can change your SSE Riga account password at any time. You should change your initial password, obtained at the start of your studies, as soon as possible.

    For more information about changing your password, visit How to - Change Password.

You will also be assigned an SSE Riga student ID number. This student ID will be used whenever anonymous information is posted (course results etc.) so you should keep your student ID private.

Your SSE Riga Student ID is in the format AYYYXXX, where

LAIS account

Separate from your SSE Riga account, BSc students will also have an account for LAIS grade database. This database is used for your official study records as well as registering for Elective courses.

    For more information about LAIS, visit How To - LAIS.

Student ID card

At the start of your studies at SSE Riga you will also receive a student ID card. This card will be used as a proof of your identity during any SSE Riga examinations, as well as an entrance card for entering the school building outside of regular working hours and, for dormitories residents, as an entrance card to SSE Riga dormitories.

Apart from this, your SSE Riga student ID card will also function as a regular ISIC card, making you eligible for all ISIC discounts and promotions.

    For more information about ISIC cards, visit How To - ISIC.

SSE Riga IT Infrastructure and Systems

E-Learning Platform

SSE Riga E-Learning platform will contain all your courses, assignments and course materials, as well as information from the school administration about study life and processes.

SSE Riga E-Learning platform can be found at

    For more information about the E-Learning platform, visit E-Learning.

Google services

Your SSE Riga Google account will, for almost all practical purposes, act as an ordinary Google account, including access to Google services:

WiFi networks

SSE Riga provides 2 WiFi networks available anywhere in the school building:

    For more information about SSE Riga WiFi, visit How To - WiFi.


As a student of SSE Riga, you will be able to print at school premises using your SSE Riga account. Printing can be done from your own device using SSE Riga Self-Service Printer or in SSE Riga Library.

    For more information about the printing system, visit How To - Printing.

IT Regulations and Procedures

IT Rules and Regulations can be found on SSE Riga E-Learning platform, Student Support section -> Rules and Regulations, in the section Regulations and Procedures, or at the following link: