Quizzes and Digital Exams

Quiz is an activity type which allows to test student knowledge by using questionnaires. It can include question types like multiple choice, word gap, short answer or essay questions. This activity involves four parts - Question bank with questions, Quiz activity and Respondus software settings for exam proctoring.

For more information on how to start adding activities to the course page or how to hide activities from students, visit Adding Activities or Resources.

Question bank

Question bank is a storage for all questions created in the course page. Questions are organized in categories and subcategories similar to the way files are stored in folders and subfolders.

To access Question bank from the course page:

Creating categories and subcategories:

Initially each course has only one Question bank category called "Default". It is advised to create a separate category for each quiz and exam. This will help you to easily see where each question is used and to find a particular question if needed.

Note: Choosing 'Top' as the Parent category means that your category will be at a top level of the Question bank.

Add a new question:

Note: At the bottom in section Other you can find question type called Description. Description can be used to add guides, additional information or other content between questions.

Commonly used question types for quizzes are Essay, Multiple choice, and Description.

Note: Question bank also allows you to preview a question. To do that, click Edit then click on Preview. A new preview window will appear where you will see the question and a form to answer it, similarly to how students would see it.

Creating Quiz activity

Quiz consists of two parts - set up page for the Quiz and questions used in the quiz. First you need to create Quiz activity in your course. After that you need to add questions to the Quiz.

Note: Quiz activities contain questions. When Quizzes are copied, the copy will contain the same questions as the original. Making changes to questions in either Quiz will alter both Quizzes, unless the questions themselves are copied or new questions are added.

Note: Make sure your Quiz activity is hidden or otherwise unavailable to students before starting to add actual exam contents.

To add quiz to the course page:

Note: When Quiz opening time is used, students won't be able to access the quiz before this date. When Quiz closing time is used, students won't be able to access the quiz after this date. This helps you to limit a time slot in which students can take the quiz. If Quiz is not hidden, students will be able to see opening and closing dates but could not access the actual quiz

More information about each review option can be found in Quiz settings Review options section.

Add question to the Quiz activity:

Note: While editing the quiz, you can preview a question. To do that, click the preview icon next to the question name (second icon from the right). A new preview window will appear where you will see the question and a form to answer it, similarly to how students would see it.

Respondus software settings for exam proctoring

After you have set up the Quiz activity you need to decide whether to use proctoring for this quiz or exam. Exam proctoring is done using Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. If exam proctoring is necessary, please inform SSE Riga IT Department (itdep@sseriga.edu).

For more information about Respondus software, visit Respondus Exams.

Testing quiz or exam

To test quiz or exam:

Note: If necessary you can edit a description or question by clicking on Edit question located at the left side of the description or question. This will take you to the edit page of that description or question.

Accessing student answers

After students have finished quiz or exam, you can review their answers by opening Quiz activity (icon looks like a square with a check mark) and clicking on Attempts:. This will take you to the page with a list of students where you can review and grade their work.

Another option is to open Quiz activity, go to Results section and from the left side drop-down menu select Manual grading. This will allow you to grade student answers for a particular question.