What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a simple to use web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities. Qualtrics is well suited for any kind of surveying or data collection you might need during your studies at SSE Riga.

SSE Riga accounts in Qualtrics have no limitations on survey types, question types or number of respondents.

How to start using Qualtrics

  • Visit https://sserigaedu.eu.qualtrics.com/ and click "Don't have an account?"

  • Register using your SSE Riga e-mail address. Access Code is not necessary!

  • You're done! You can start using Qualtrics straight away!

Additional help

If you need any help with using Qualtrics, setting up surveys etc. take a look at the Qualtrics Support platform. Qualtrics Support platform has documentation on all the features of the Qualtrics platform and guides on how to use the available features.