At the start of your studies at SSE Riga you will also receive an SSE Riga ISIC card. This card will be used as a proof of your identity during any SSE Riga examinations, as well as an entrance card for the school building and, for dormitories residents, as an entrance card to SSE Riga dormitories.

Apart from this, your SSE Riga student ID card will also function as a regular ISIC card, making you eligible for all ISIC discounts and promotions.

SSE Riga student ID card

Your SSE Riga ISIC card will serve as your SSE Riga student ID card. You will be required to show your ISIC card for exams or at other times when your identity will need to be verified.

Your ISIC card is also a valid document to prove that you are a student at our university for any government or private organizations.

ISIC card

Your SSE Riga ISIC card is a valid ISIC card eligible for various ISIC program discounts and promotions worldwide.

For more information about ISIC cards and promotions, visit

School/Dormitories entrance card

Your SSE Riga ISIC card will serve as an entrance card for SSE Riga school building. While school entrance is usually open during working hours, an entrance card may be necessary outside of regular working hours or when access to school building is restricted.

For SSE Riga Dormitory residents, your card will also serve as an entrance card to the Dormitory building.

ISIC card validity & extensions

Your SSE Riga ISIC card is valid from the moment you receive the card until December of next year (including).

You can extend your ISIC card's validity any time during the Fall semester by going to the SSE Riga Reception (school building, first floor). A validity extension hologram will be applied to the back of your ISIC card, extending its validity until December of the next year (including).

NOTE: ISIC card validity needs to be extended before validity expires!

Replacing ISIC cards

If your current SSE Riga ISIC card is lost, stolen or damaged, please contact SSE Riga IT Department to order a new one.

Before receiving a new card, you will have to pay a EUR 15 card replacement fee at the SSE Riga Library and provide a cash receipt to the SSE Riga IT Department (either by bringing it in person to the IT office or sending a photo of the receipt). Afterwards a new card will be ordered, made and delivered within 1-2 weeks. You will receive an email when your new card is ready to be picked up at the school Reception.

NOTE: Your ISIC card validity may expire permanently if you have taken a gap year or not extended the card's validity for more than a year. Verify at school Reception that your card is indeed expired and contact SSE Riga IT Department about ordering a new ISIC card. You will not have to pay for ordering a new card in this case.