What is VPN?

Several online resources (most notably library databases) are accessible only from SSE Riga campus network. This means you have to be present in SSE Riga premises or connect to SSE Riga VPN to use them. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way of connecting to SSE Riga campus network remotely from anywhere in the world.

VPN access is enabled by default for all SSE Riga students. Set up a VPN connection on your device by following the guides below or using the Quick Setup info.

Quick Setup

VPN server IP address:

Connection/VPN type:      L2TP/IPSec with pre-shared key

Pre-shared key:                 2vpn@SSE

User name:                        [your SSE Riga account username]

Password:                          [your SSE Riga account password]

In case of any questions, contact itdep@sseriga.edu!

Windows - Setting Up The Connection

Note: Before setting up a VPN make sure you already have a working Internet connection. Switch off any software that may cause lots of unnecessary Internet traffic (torrents, streaming, etc.).

Windows - Connecting To VPN

MacOSX - Setting Up The Connection

MacOSX - Connecting To VPN