Account Closure and Backing Up

On this page, you will find instructions on how to back up your SSE Riga Google account data and/or transfer your data to your private accounts.

For most purposes, your SSE Riga account acts like a standard Google account. Other guides that specifically mention Google accounts should be applicable to your SSE Riga account as well.

Account closure procedure

If you have graduated from SSE Riga, your SSE Riga student account will be deactivated 2 months after graduation.

If you have otherwise finished your studies at SSE Riga, your SSE Riga student account will be deactivated after 1 month.

If your SSE Riga account is scheduled for closure, back up or transfer all importation information from your account. Full backup or transfer of all e-mails and Google Drive documents can take several days so please start this process well in advance.

Note: Google Drive documents owned by your account will become unavailable to your collaborators after your account is closed. Make sure that any documents from shared projects etc. are transferred to another Google account.

Recommended options for backing up your SSE Riga account data include using Google Takeout service or transferring e-mails, documents or contacts to a personal account.

If you want to back up only your e-mails, Google Drive documents or contact information, please refer to the specific sections below:

Backing up Google Account Data - Google Takeout Service

Using Google Takeout, you can export and download your data from Google services (e-mail, calendar, Drive etc.). Following these steps will create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. (source)

Backing up e-mails

This option will allow you to transfer all SSE Riga account e-mails to your private Gmail account. Gmail will first import your existing e-mails and then continue to check for new e-mails sent to your SSE Riga account.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification and generate an App Password for your SSE Riga account

More information about 2-Step Verification at How To - 2-Step Verification

3. Add SSE Riga e-mail retrieval to your personal Gmail account

Gmail will check your SSE Riga account for new e-mails periodically. You can see when the account was last checked from the Accounts and Import tab.

Backing up Google Drive

Use this option if you want to access your SSE Riga Google Drive documents from your personal Drive or if you want to transfer ownership of your files to another SSE Riga account so that the files can still be accessed after your SSE Riga account is closed (source).

Note: Once your account becomes inactive, all files you own will become unavailable, including files you have shared with others. To avoid losing access to files, either make sure you download a copy of your Google Drive files or make another SSE Riga account the owner of the appropriate files and folders (Steps 5 or 6).

Backing up contacts

Use this option if you want to back up all of your SSE Riga contacts or import their contact information into your personal account (source).

Afterwards you can use this exported file to import contacts into your personal Gmail account (source).